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Meet excellence by enrolling in the unique Culinary & Pastry School teaching at Michelin one star level :

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French cuisine is famous all around the world for it's passion to strive for perfection.  French gastronomy respects traditional techniques and embrace new technologies. It also ensure the use of the best products. In 2010, UNESCO recognized French gastronomy as part of the world’s « intangible cultural heritage ».

Our mission is to provide our students the highest level of culinary education. We aim to forge their skills to reach excellence. Our culinary school offers hands on courses in French cuisine and pastry.

There are endless opportunities across the world to embrace a successful career in food. Our culinary school is ready to produce the next generation of top chefs.

Our passionate teachers have a great experience in prestigious restaurants. They provide courses aligned with stringent standards of Michelin Star awarded restaurants.

Michelin is the oldest and most considered European restaurants’ guide. It awards Michelin Stars for excellence to a selected few establishments. Earning a Michelin Star is something all fine dining Chefs aspire to hold one day.


The Michelin Star ratings:

One star: « A very good restaurant in its category »

Two stars: « Excellent cooking, worth a detour »

Three stars: «Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey »

If you are ready to achieve excellence and fulfill your appetite for a culinary proficiency, check at our tailored programs and contact us today.

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